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What a day.. 
The Pikom PC Fair is indeed Malaysia's largest PC Fair, and I think this time they really have put a lotsa effort tro make it a successfull one.

The floor layout and booth placement are a lot more organised this time arond compared to past year fair. 

Instead of renting one exhibition hall, PIKOM has rented conference hall 1, 2 and 3 and also Exhibition hall 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!! (talk about huge!!)

And the best part is the Banquet Hall at level 3 is open just for speaker and audio system. By going in there you might feel like entering a huge disco club. Lotsa candy coloured-nice-saliva-drooling salesgirl audio system that will suit your fancy.. Oh yeah.. The banquet hall is like audio haven (it isn't a typo) to me.

 Yeah, the price is really cheap/affordable too. 

Here is the list of best bargain (for me atleast)

  • Seagate 2.5" external HDD Western Digital comes with casing+pouch+cable 250GB (RM 199)   ~the 35oGb cost RM229

  • FM Modulator (RM18)  ~it is a little thingy u plug-in the car cigarrete burner to play your song in ur thumdrive-lah

  • a nice laptop skin (VIKII) (RM18) comes with nice packaging  (not the VEGE brand.. too EXPENSIVE) that can double as a clear A4 paper file and also comes with free LCD cleaner (worth RM8 stand-alone) 

  • EACAN (ikan??) QQ-Q 2.1 long-throw woofer with EXquisite design satellite speaker (banquet hall) and comes in ol sorts of colours you could imagine (RM 79) ~the RRP is RM99, but there are lotsa other model to suit your fancy. ~Drool~

  • Kingston Thumbdrive DT101 2G (RM16) 4g (RM25) 8G (RM48) 6mb/s (read) and 2mb/s (write)  Ops! 

  • PNY Ultra Slim Micro Att 2G(RM19) 4G(RM29) 8G(RM52) is better because not only it is smaller, antishock, antidust and water resistant but also it has the capacity of 23mb/s(read) and 7mb/s (write). Simple put.. it will  save/copy/transfer your work faster.
So a little tips for this coming christmas @ birthday @ awal muharram @ new year @ CNY:-

Step 1: buy a 2G thumdrive (rm19)

Step 2: buy an FM Modulator for his/her car (RM18)

Step 3: search and upload all his/her favorite songs to the driver (rm 3 x hours spent in CC)

step 4: plug it to the car cigarrete burner (turn on and adjust the radio frequency first)

Step 5: a kiss from the receiver for the very thoughtful gift (priceless........)

Oh ya, it will be handy if you can grab yourself a 'show guide' booklet distributed (or rather left unsupervised) at the main entrance to the exhibition hall. you can highlite or mark the booth where you make a purchase so that in case you need to return it or add other accessories, you can simply locate the booth or find out the name of the Company (it is in the booklet) and googled their locations later.


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