School is Starting.. Yay!!

No sarcasm intended.

The new term will start soon and I have mixed emotions about it.

After all these years of teaching and surrounded by BIG students (and sometimes intimidating 'em so that they won't intimidate me), crunching numbers and manipulating formulas in Physics, Science and Maths, I am now in charge of form 1 students...

Yup, the munchkins,

.....but this is not an ordinary students, this class is special, it is the second to last class.. and based on last year students allocation/distribution, this is where the students who could barely read or write will be put together.. and starting next year i.e. tomorrow, I will be their their not only that I have to put them in ease (of the transition to a new school), but also have come out with a plan on how to teach them according to their abilities....

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining here. I am just at loss on how to start? What to say? How to comfort the nervous parents (when the teacher himself is jittery)? What to teach?


Thursday, 31st Dec 2009, 1521

A Trip with Mr Know-It-All

During my recent short trip to Kuching, I discovered lotsa new information.
Here are some of them...

Discovery # 1

Kuching is not really a Cat

It turns out that the name Kuching doesn't come from the Malay word for Cat (kucing) but most probably be a variation of Indian word for 'port' (Cochin) given by the early Indian traders. Hmm... Kuching folks, count your blessing. At least "Cochin" does resemble the word (sound) "Kuching" (cat) in Malay, resulting handful of the cute cat statues being erected around the city. Just imagine if it sounds like................. Nah.. never mind.. I love the Cat City (and their people) very much so I skipped the cruel jokes for later...

Discovery #2
This is not a cat's poo

Well: Ini apa?
Me: Manala saya tahu.
Well: Kenapa ada banyak dekat sini?
Me: Entah.
Well: Dekat Kuching je ada.
Me: Maybe it is a symbol?
Well: Simbol apa?
Me: Err.. Cat's poo???
Well: .. but why?
Me: How the h3ll am I supposed to know? Maybe it is sacred or something (this is before I knew that Kuching is actually Cochin, mind you)
Well: Owh.. ok.

It is not... and after a visit here

I found out that it is actually an Iban earring

Feeling like smacking Well's head. After all he is a pure Iban and after seeing the display he proudly admit "My grandmother has a pair that looks like the one we saw in the park last nite" Yeah right... I thought we both agree it is a cat's poo.

Moral of the story: Visit your local museum.

Discovery #3

I might have a blood connection with James Brooke!! the Rajah of Sarawak.

Just look at the nose!! It is wickedly the same.

Ops! Ops wait a minute. Here are some of the information they forgot to print in our Form 5 History Text book..

  • His mother, Anna Maria is the ILLEGITIMATE daughter of Scottish Colonel, William Stuart and his mistress, Harriott Teasdale. (naughty naughty)
  • James stayed in India until the age of 12 (maybe Cochin was his idea)
  • He ran away from his school in England.
Hmm... guess I don't really want to affiliate myself with a delinquent.

Discovery #4

It is worth taking turn (so to speak).

This is, my dear, a bed fit for a (horny) chinese man.. Look carefully, the bed has two chambers. The question is, where do you want to sleep tonight?

It must be very 'tiring' being a wealthy chinese man during those era. Ain't that right Mister Kapitan?

Thursday, 24th Dec 2009, 2355

What's New Pussy Cat?

Last couple of months were eXtremely boring. Not only I didn't have any internet connection what-so-ever (this explain my MIA), there was basically nothing for me to do in the house other than wake-up, eat, watch the idiot box and go sh*t (not in that particular order).

Life was full of nothingness that I voluntarily developed a new routine of waking up early and jogged 3 km from the house to get my morning The Star paper (which will be sadly missed come 1st Jan) and then in the evening, I play a 60 minutes badminton with Irfan. Yup, I do my exercise out of boredom!! (and eventually lost 3 kilos in the process -which doesn't really show because they were formerly scattered in every places- ).

So the big Q.. What is new in cyberworld? (Or particularly this blog perhaps??)

Well.. one thing for sure, after the "the world in our fingertips fiasco err.... competition" which I was appointed as teacher advisor...
--flashback: I HAD to teach them how to search anything in a jiffy in order to win the competition, which they did (1st, 2nd and 3rd spot!!) and lil' that I realized they will use the knowledge to do a search on ME--- seems like everyone (oh.. how I love to exaggerate) I know had found this blog which I hide so well from the prying eyes of relatives, siblings (especially my bro after the nasty post I made bout him.. love him tho), friends, colleagues, colleagues cum friends etc.

..and it won't be long before soon (or is it soon before long? Damn it Maroon V!! You made me confused!!) that people will now what am I up too..

And then, the not so best part is.. I have to come clean to a particular little Miss Town about having read her blog secretly and sometimes subconsciously smiling at her coyly knowing what she is up too or already did. (Poker face is a hard expression to learn mind you, thank god she never ask me how on earth I know she is a good-GOOD singer).

confession: I learnt the art of posing for camera by watching the pro at Miss Little Town

So what is in store for Two Zero Ten you may asked?

  • Would I change my way of writing (hey, I am subtle enough, aren't I?) since there will be visitors from lower age group that see me as a knowledge provider (read: delinquents err.. I meant students)
  • Would I think twice before making fun sometimes rude remarks about my fellow colleagues?
  • Would I practice a stringent grammar and spellinng checkkk?
... no sir I won't.. ;)

Have a Merry X'mas from me to all bloggers and readers who will be celebrating it tomorrow..

Thursday, 24th Dec 2009, 1430

Kuching Trip.. again

I have to go to Kuching.. again. This time I am the teacher in charge for the Info Hunt in conjunction with Safari Membaca Peringkat Negeri. See ya in Kuching...

Tuesday, 10 Nov 2009, 2138

Another Trip.

Haven't had the time to update. The Kuching trip was just 2 weeks ago but already long forgoten. Now planning for another trip. Looking forward for a vacation in Kota Kinabalu. March next year looks okay. :)

30th Oct 2009, Friday, 2121

Kuching Trip

Lotsa work... updating soon...

To Bring or Not to Bring?.. That is the Question...

I am in a dilemma now.
I can't decide whether I should bring this 2 tonne-dinosaur-era laptop with me during my trip or just leave it here in Kapit.

I should bring along the laptop because:
  • I need to search for maps, roads and direction heading to........ (still very clueless on where to go, more reasons to consider "pikul" the laptop with me) because Google maps is oh-so cool and accurate.
  • There is no TV in the hotel.. (it is Tune Hotel, the bestest no-frill hotel in the country) so I need something to watch if bore-DOOM kicks in.
  • I want to post the latest update, picture and stuffs about my trip. Even though nobody reads it. Hahaha!
  • Same like last time, the dialogue would be "Aiseh! If only i had my laptop now... "

I should just left the 'dinosour' here in Kapit because:
  • The will be lotsa free maps available (I hope) at the Tourist Centre located conveniently at the Famous Kuching Waterfront.
  • I've done wandering around without proper planning before (Penang trip) and still manage to see lotsa cool and interesting stuff.
  • The internet connection at the hotel is prepaid, their website stated RM12 per 24 hour but I still don't know whether it is calculated per usage (like mobile phone credit) or per day , because I know for sure I will not be staring at the screen 24-hour straight. If I do so, I will waste a lot of precious time to explore the city, but knowing me myself... The "kiasu" attitude in me might kick-in and he will squeeze every cent in that hard earned RM12 that I need to pay for the service. Hahaha!
  • The laptop is VERY HEAVY.. seriously!! (don't ask me to get a new one) and I don't want/like to lug it around with me all day. FYI, I never once left my laptop lying around even in a secure hotel room. (lotsa secret inside hehehe)
What do you think?

Tuesday, 13th Oct, 2152

Kuching!!... Here I Come!!

I am going for the much needed holiday starting tomorrow.. Yay!!!

The city of Cats.. here I come...

Tuesday, 13th Oct, 0943

Truth About Us

“Sometimes, we can forget what a person said,

we also might forget what that person did,

but we will NEVER forget how that person made us feel.”

Tuesday, 13th Oct, 0835

I am OK...

Thanks friends for asking..
Thanks for sms-ing and calling although I never pick-up, answer or reply them...
There is nothing wrong with me... I am good,
It just that.. I have ended my engagement,
...ending the 4 years relationship built on trust..
There will be no wedding as far as I know..
The trust has been violated... many times...
...and for the last time.. I had enough.
I am not sad, I don't have any regret..

What to do with the money saved for the big event?

I am going ahead with my plan to go to Kuching....

Wednesday, 7th October, (17 Syawal) 0918

Polaroids from Selangor

While others were busy visiting families, friends and relatives, I stucked in front of my lappy concentrating on this....

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...
Maaf Zahir BAtin...
Have a WoW Holiday!!!!

Sunday, 20th Sept '09, (1 Syawal), 2251

Random Pics

Ada Perasaan Tak?

Korang kalau tak sebak baca artikel dari Harian Metro kat bawah ni bermakna korang memang takde perasaan.. sob! sob!

Buang ibu di Aidilfitri

Oleh Mary Victoria Dass

JOHOR BAHRU: Sekeras-keras batu, keras lagi hati seorang anak lelaki yang tergamak memecut kereta meninggalkan ibunya.

Lebih memilukan, dia tergamak membiarkan wanita tua itu berlari mengejarnya kira-kira 20 meter kerana mahu mengikut si anak pulang menyambut Aidilfitri di rumah.

Namun, apalah kudrat seorang wanita berusia 70-an, apatah lagi terpaksa menggendong bungkusan baju dalam kain batik, untuk mengejar kereta anaknya berusia 40-an yang semakin jauh meninggalkannya.

Ia bukan babak menyayat hati dalam drama televisyen, tetapi realiti hidup ditempuhi seorang penghuni rumah jagaan warga emas dan psikatri di Jalan Denai 1, Kempas di sini, yang begitu mengharapkan untuk pulang menyambut hari raya bersama anak dan cucunya di Masai, dekat sini.

Kisah sedih pada pertengahan Ramadan itu diceritakan Pengasas Persatuan Kebajikan Nur Ehsan Negeri Johor, Norijah Bidin kepada wartawan Harian Metro, semalam.

Menurut Norijah, beliau masih mengingati detik cukup menyentuh perasaan itu, apatah lagi kakitangan rumah jagaan berkenaan terpaksa memujuk warga emas uzur terbabit supaya bersabar dan wanita tua itu hanya mampu menangis mengenangkan nasibnya ditinggalkan anak sendiri.

Katanya, kejadian bermula apabila lelaki berkenaan datang menziarahi ibunya di rumah penjagaan itu bagi memaklumkan dia tidak dapat dibawa pulang pada hari raya kali ini kerana tiada sesiapa menjaganya.

“Kami menyangka dia ingin membawa ibunya pulang bagi menyambut Aidilfitri kerana sudah dua tahun wanita berkenaan beraya di sini,” katanya ketika ditemui.

Menurutnya, terlalu seronok dengan kunjungan anak lelakinya, wanita tua terbabit terus menyalin pakaian dan bersiap untuk mengikut pulang ke rumah keluarganya di Masai.

“Kami melihat wanita itu bersungguh-sungguh membungkus pakaiannya ke dalam kain batik kerana mahu pulang ke rumah anaknya,” katanya.

Menurut Norijah, tanpa disangka-sangka, ketika si ibu sedang sibuk berkemas, lelaki berkenaan beredar dari situ secara senyap-senyap tanpa memaklumkan sesiapa.

“Menyedari anak lelakinya mahu beredar, wanita itu panik dan mengejar kereta anaknya yang mula meninggalkan kawasan rumah kebajikan.

“Wanita tua itu berlari kira-kira 20 meter untuk mengejar kereta berkenaan, tetapi anaknya tetap meninggalkannya.

“Si ibu yang terkilan dengan perbuatan anaknya bukan saja mengalami masalah kesihatan, malah kemurungan selama beberapa hari kerana hampa tidak dapat pulang beraya di rumah,” katanya.

Thanks My Government

Kerajaan, kerajaan... Terima kasihla sebab bagi cuti dekat kami hari Jumaat ni... Tapi kenapa lambat sangat umum? Kalau nak tukar flight SBW-KL sekarang harga dia dah RM735.00. Tu tak kira duit tiketr bot ekspress lagi untuk keluar dari Kapit ni lagi tu..

Cuti Khas Untuk Semua Sekolah dan Institusi Pendidikan Di Bawah KPM Pada Hari Jumaat, 18 September 2009 Sempena Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1430H

1. Kabinet yang bermesyuarat pada hari ini, 16 September 2009, telah bersetuju untuk memberi Cuti Khas kepada semua Sekolah dan Institusi Pendidikan di Bawah Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia pada hari Jumaat, 18 September 2009, sempena Hari Raya Aidilfitri tahun ini yang dijangka akan disambut pada hari Ahad 20 September atau hari Isnin 21 September 2009.

2. Keputusan ini diambil bagi membolehkan ibu bapa membuat perancangan awal perjalanan keluarga bercuti di kampung halaman masing-masing dan mengelakkan kesesakan jalan raya.

3. Dengan keputusan Kabinet ini maka semua arahan Kementerian Pelajaran berkaitan Cuti Tambahan sempena Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1430H sebelum ini adalah terbatal.

YAB Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia
Putrajaya, 16 September 2009

Kan bagus kalau buat keputusan awal.. Nampaknya dari isu besar negara macam PPSMI sampaila isu cuti, masih tak tahu sebenarnya berdiri di mana... Apa-apapun, aku masih seronok mendidik anak bangsa, biarpun orang Ibanke, Kenyahke, Melanauke, Sekapanke, Kejamanke... Mereka tetap aku sayang.

Biarlah keluar arahan atau amaran pada guru Sains dan Matematik yang mengajar dalam Bahasa Malaysia, aku akan teruskan jugak... Kalaulah aku mengajar di bandar atau paling-paling koman pun pekan, pasti aku akan patuh, tapi aku mengajar di pedalaman.. Kerut-kerut muka pelajar dah cukup menunjukkan yang mereka mahu faham, mahu tahu tapi tak tahu-tahu juga.. Jadi biarlah aku mengajar tak sia-sia, walaupun 90% Bahasa Malaysia.. Markah Ujian dan Peperiksaan (dalam dwibahasa) yang menjadi ukuran kepuasan diri aku. Biarlah Karajaan kata mereka akan tercicir di Universiti nanti, daripada mereka dah hilang minat semenjak sekolah menengah lagi.. Bak kata pepatah, yang dikejar tak dapat.. yang dikendong... berterabur...

Sampai bila anak-anak kita nak dijadikan eksperimentasi? Yang dibandar memang dah stabil, tapi yang di solok-solok pedalaman ni, tolonglah buat sesuatu (setelah berfikir) untuk kesejahteraan mereka, sebab walau dalam hutan mana pun.. Masih hutan Malaysia, masih warganegara kita, masih perlu sokongan KITA.

Wednesday, 16th Sept 09 (26 Ramadhan) 2142

Dessert 101- revisited

Went to Bazaar Ramadhan, Town Square Kapit this evening, since it was just 'sekangkang kera', (look at the pic, it only consist of 4 tiny canopies) there was nothing tempting to buy so I decided to make my own dessert....

Just pictures without words... Guess you can figure this one out...

Then suddenly I realised I never learnt how to make the sauce for this one... ;) Note to self; go and buy a tub of ice-cream.....

Tuesday, 15th Sept 09, (25 Ramadhan), 2238

Puteri Mandi, Cucur Badak & Penyu

Kue cara a.k.a Penyu Berom**

Puteri Mandi

Cucur Badak

I think this is my third posting on food.

Hmm, Looking at the names, one might wonder how on earth they got their name right? Puteri Mandi (Princess Bathing) la... Cucur Badak (Hippo Apex) la...

Pasal kue yang kat atas tu, ade kisah sebaliknya waktu aku muda-muda dulu..

Warning! Kisah muda-mudi ahead

Yang 1st tu actually nama dia kue cara, favourite aku and the gang masa zaman Uni dulu. Tapi kitorang ade nama lain for this kue. We called it "Kue Penyu Berom*n" di sebabkan keadaannya yang sentiasa berhempap-hempap (somehow, these words seem vulgar) antara satu sama lain.
And the funny thing is, kue ni if pressed really hard, the filling will spurt out (just like an ejacu*****n) hahaha.. Yeah, I know we were a bunch of teenagers with lotsa imagination..

Tapi kitorang stop panggil kue ni Kue Penyu Berom*n bila aku n the gang tersasul sebut masa beli kat Pasar Ramadhan yang menyebabkan semua tengok muka aku yang tak lah innocent sangat waktu tu.. Terus blah dari gerai makcik tu (rasa macam nak lari 100 m waktu tu).

Yang pic kedua and ketiga tu plak, lagi best citer dia..

Aku yang jenis loyar buruk nih suka sangat menyakat orang termasukla makcik-makcik innocent kat pasar Ramadhan tu. Masa aku beli putri Mandi ni, siap wat declaration kat makcik tu,

"Yang ni beli kena terus simpan nih kang tak pasal-pasal kurang pahala puasa, yelah tengok Puteri Mandi"

Tapi rupa-rupanya makcik tu pun dah sedia untuk smash aku balik.

"Ko ni macam-macam, ko tengok kue makcik ni. Nama dia aje cucur badak tapi ade ke ko nampak badak atas meja aku ni??!!

(Malu gilak aku waktu tu, sebenarnya aku nak cakap.. ala makcik ni banyak sangat baca majalah Ujang tapi tak berani coz makcik tu sarcastic lebih dari aku haha)

Sunday, 13th Sept 09 (23rd Ramadhan) 1520


Hehehe... Nice eh? My new Baju Melayu. Just in time for Hari Raya celebration...

Sunday, 13th Sept 09, (23 Ramadhan) 1205

Pay It Forwards? What's That?

Why do people never pay it forwards?

Bengang betul aku..

WARNING!! Rambling entry ahead..

This coming Hari Raya, I've already booked the 1515 express boat. There are two other boats that leave at 1230 and 1415 respectively.

So why do I take the last one?
Simple, I am a procrastinator. My hobby is to procrastinate. So I need the extra time to pack my stuff to bring back to my hometown. But as usual, other kiasu people will be rushing to get the earliest boat and I will always be the 'victim'.

"Owh, yours is 1515 huh? Good then, mine is 1230, I'll wait for you to come to pick me up at 12 ok?"

See, it is not like asking me for a favour right? More like an instruction to follow. (which I usually oblige) EVERY single time because I 'was' a good person with a car.

But today everything change. Why? Well let just say my "be good" coupon has expired.

"Why.... do you really think I am taking the last express so that I can help "transport" you people to your boat on time?? Guess again, I need the extra time to pack!! Nobody to help you now huh? Screw you!" Yeah now I AM PAYING IT FORWARDS!!

Why should I help people when they didn't even lift a finger when I need theirs... Well actually there are more of this (my sudden change of attitude) but I think I will tell all about it later....

P/S: Today is my birthday, that is according to Hijrah (Islamic) Calender. Happy Birthday to me ;)

Saturday, 12th Sept 09 (22nd Ramadhan) 2208

Penan Rape Victims. Someone Out There Do Care

Published: Friday September 11, 2009 MYT 5:43:00 PM in The Star

Group to seek justice for Penan rape victims

Published: Friday September 11, 2009 MYT 5:43:00 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: The Penan Support Group says that it will seek justice for victims of rape among Penan women by workers of logging companies in Sarawak.

Saying that it would help expose and correct the wrongs being committed in Penan society, the group, a loose coalition of 35 nongovernmental organisations, added that the long-occurring sexual abuse of Penan girls in Sarawak was a hideous crime.

In a statement Friday, the group said a report from the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry confirming that the rapes did take place was also a distressing symptom of the overall situation being faced by the Penans and other vulnerable indigenous groups in Sarawak.

The group lamented that when news broke out that Penan girls, some as young as 10 years, were being sexually abused by logging workers in the Middle Baram area of Sarawak in September last year,(stupid) local politicians and the police were quick to dismiss these as mere allegations without any basis.

The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development then established a National Task Force comprising ministry officials and women NGO representatives to investigate the allegations. The task force found that the rapes and sexual abuse did occur and the Penan girls were still vulnerable because of the lack of policing and development in their area.

The Penan Support Group also criticised the police force for dragging their feet on three allegations last year when they had dismissed them as "nothing with proper evidence for us to proceed in court" and that activists "did not give specific details to support their claims". - Bernama

Why is this case is so close to my heart you may asked? Well, I am a teacher, I teach indegenous boys and girls here in Sarawak, and I know how valuable knowledge to them.

Taking advantage of children who are on their way getting education will only make them more wary of the outsider. Even to people who are genuinely want to help them.

Next time dear stupid government, stop counting money or approving mega million project and look and the people who are suffering once in a while.

Saturday, !2th Sept 09, (22nd Ramadhan) 2142

Sexual Abuse of Penan's Girl a.k.a Government!, I've told you so!

The news I saw in The Star today really breaks my heart into zillion pieces.

Last year I've made a posting about the sexual abuse faced by Penan girls.
In the beginning, the government just brush the issue off saying that it is just a baseless rumour by this so called NGO (Bruno Manser Fonds). I even wrote to a paper asking the authority to 'take action not just talk' (but it wasn't published). The government said this Organisation has no bussiness interfering with the life of the Penan people and to stop making false accusation.

But now, the truth has been revealed:

(taken from The Star newspaper, 11th Sept 09)

The rape of young Penan girls

Allegations of Penan girls and women being raped and molested by timber company workers in the Baram district in Sarawak have been confi rmed to be true.

A special committee set up by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry revealed that at least seven girls and women were raped and molested - confi rming a news report by The Star late last year.

The horror the Penan girls and women went through.

> A girl, 12, was raped by a stranger outside her hostel and by a timber worker when she took a lift in a timber company’s vehicle from her village in Long Kawi to her school in Long Lama. She got pregnant, quit school and married a Penan man.

> A woman from Long Item was raped by a timber worker in 2005 and 2007 and gave birth to a baby girl, now two years old.

> One was raped by an Iban timber worker when she was kidnapped at the age of 13, while visiting her relatives in Miri.

> One was almost raped when she took a lift with her father from a timber company to apply for an identity card.

> In Long Muboi, a student said her 14-year-old friend was molested by a truck driver who gave her a lift to school.

> A 17-year-old girl gave birth to a child and her neighbours claimed that she had sexual relations with the timber workers.

> A group of women said they believed that sex exploitation exists among the Penan women and girls but they were too ashamed to tell their stories.

The saddest part is, most of the girls are heading to school when the abuse happened.

Stupid timber workers..
Stupid men..
Stupid government who takes too much time investigating (and stupidly said it was a false claim earlier)..
Stupid people who called themselves a Malaysian but don't care enough about fellow Malaysian suffering in their own country but willingly pay a hefty sums of money to other people suffering way across the globe.. (The Penans suffered from failed crops for the last two months but only a few listened to their plight)

Suddenly, I remember a case from Eli Stone (a tv programe), a lawyer. He was suffering from aneurysm and in one of the episodes, he had a vision that an earthquake is going to happen in the next three days and the famous Golden Gate Bridge is going to collapse. He fights in court to get the Bridge closed on that day so that thousand of lives can be save, nobody believed him, he was subjected to ridicule. But the most important person believed in him, The Mayor

I should't be asking this but what if I am wrong?" Eli asked the Mayor.

"But what if you're right?" said the Mayor...

Dear Malaysian Government,

Next time, please listen you dum* Fu(< @$$h0!e!!

Additional newspaper report:

KUCHING: It has been confirmed that Penan girls and women were raped and molested by timber company workers in Sarawak’s Ulu Baram district.

A special committee, set up by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, revealed that sexual abuses against Penan women and girls by timber workers as reported by The Star last year did take place in the Baram district.

The special committee, set up last October to investigate the allegations, documented at least eight cases of rape and molest of Penan women and girls in its report.

The report said one of the victims was raped by a timber worker when she hitched a ride in the company’s vehicle to go to school.

Another was raped twice, in 2005 and 2007, by a man she recognised as a timber worker at a logging camp.

The report also said schoolgirls were often molested by lorry drivers while travelling to school in timber company vehicles.

It documented one incident where a lorry driver groped a 14-year-old girl’s breasts.

In another incident, it said a lorry driver tried to molest a group of 10-year-old girls, but they escaped.

The report concluded that “allegations of sexual abuse against Penan girls and women by outsiders, includ ing timber workers, did indeed occur”.

It highlighted the vulnerability of Penan schoolgirls to such abuse because of their dependence on timber vehicles to transport them to and from school.

“Logging tracks are often the only means of access to their villages,” it said, adding that schools and clinics were four to six hours away.

On addressing the sexual abuse, the report called for programmes to raise awareness among the Penans on personal safety, sex educa tion and violence against women.

It also recommended the appointment of “trusted” lorry drivers and student management assistants to escort Penan schoolchildren back to their villages.

The report also found that the Penans had little access to registration, healthcare and education due to poverty and the remoteness of their settlements. It said many Penans did not have personal documents while their children had a high drop-out rate at school.

“All these issues are closely related to imbalanced development. The lack of infrastructure such as roads and public transport make it difficult for the Penans to communicate with the outside world, including government agencies.

“The Penans also feel neglected because of negative perceptions and prejudices against them,” it said.

Meanwhile, the Bruno Manser Fund, which first broke the Penans’ allegations of sexual abuse last September, welcomed the release of the special committee’s report.

However, it voiced concern that the report did not have any legal consequences for the perpetrators.

“It is high time that those responsible for the crimes described in the report face the legal consequences of their conduct,” it said in a statement released on the Borneo Project web site.

Friday, 11th Sept 09 (21st Ramadhan), 1012

Rain and Shine

It s raining cats and dogs this morning and as a result, a very huge 'pool' instantly emerge in the office yard.

But in the evening, the sun was so bright so I captured another picture of the back alley where I usually take as shortcut to walk around the small town.

Yup, you guess rite.. actually, I don't have anything to post today.Actually, I was looking for info on places to visit in Kuching but can't really seem to find a good website..

Tuesday, 8th August (18 Ramadhan), 2242