Published: Friday September 11, 2009 MYT 5:43:00 PM in The Star

Group to seek justice for Penan rape victims

Published: Friday September 11, 2009 MYT 5:43:00 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: The Penan Support Group says that it will seek justice for victims of rape among Penan women by workers of logging companies in Sarawak.

Saying that it would help expose and correct the wrongs being committed in Penan society, the group, a loose coalition of 35 nongovernmental organisations, added that the long-occurring sexual abuse of Penan girls in Sarawak was a hideous crime.

In a statement Friday, the group said a report from the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry confirming that the rapes did take place was also a distressing symptom of the overall situation being faced by the Penans and other vulnerable indigenous groups in Sarawak.

The group lamented that when news broke out that Penan girls, some as young as 10 years, were being sexually abused by logging workers in the Middle Baram area of Sarawak in September last year,(stupid) local politicians and the police were quick to dismiss these as mere allegations without any basis.

The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development then established a National Task Force comprising ministry officials and women NGO representatives to investigate the allegations. The task force found that the rapes and sexual abuse did occur and the Penan girls were still vulnerable because of the lack of policing and development in their area.

The Penan Support Group also criticised the police force for dragging their feet on three allegations last year when they had dismissed them as "nothing with proper evidence for us to proceed in court" and that activists "did not give specific details to support their claims". - Bernama

Why is this case is so close to my heart you may asked? Well, I am a teacher, I teach indegenous boys and girls here in Sarawak, and I know how valuable knowledge to them.

Taking advantage of children who are on their way getting education will only make them more wary of the outsider. Even to people who are genuinely want to help them.

Next time dear stupid government, stop counting money or approving mega million project and look and the people who are suffering once in a while.

Saturday, !2th Sept 09, (22nd Ramadhan) 2142

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