Why do people never pay it forwards?

Bengang betul aku..

WARNING!! Rambling entry ahead..

This coming Hari Raya, I've already booked the 1515 express boat. There are two other boats that leave at 1230 and 1415 respectively.

So why do I take the last one?
Simple, I am a procrastinator. My hobby is to procrastinate. So I need the extra time to pack my stuff to bring back to my hometown. But as usual, other kiasu people will be rushing to get the earliest boat and I will always be the 'victim'.

"Owh, yours is 1515 huh? Good then, mine is 1230, I'll wait for you to come to pick me up at 12 ok?"

See, it is not like asking me for a favour right? More like an instruction to follow. (which I usually oblige) EVERY single time because I 'was' a good person with a car.

But today everything change. Why? Well let just say my "be good" coupon has expired.

"Why.... do you really think I am taking the last express so that I can help "transport" you people to your boat on time?? Guess again, I need the extra time to pack!! Nobody to help you now huh? Screw you!" Yeah now I AM PAYING IT FORWARDS!!

Why should I help people when they didn't even lift a finger when I need theirs... Well actually there are more of this (my sudden change of attitude) but I think I will tell all about it later....

P/S: Today is my birthday, that is according to Hijrah (Islamic) Calender. Happy Birthday to me ;)

Saturday, 12th Sept 09 (22nd Ramadhan) 2208

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