I had a serious craving for Buah Melaka (palm sugar ball) yesterday.

Luckily mom already taught me before I was posted here, deep in the jungle of Sarawak (it is not that deep actually ;) )..

The ingredient is so basic and preparation is only 10 minutes flat.

  • a pinch of salt
  • a tablespoon of coconut milk powder
  • water
  • rice flour
  • glutinous flour.
1 scoop (or ladle) of rice flour for every 3 scoops of glutinous flour

  • palm sugar (solid or liquid)
  • Dessicated coconut and sprinkle of sugar for coating

The margarine tin is for storing my rice flour only hehe

Combine all the ingredient (flours, coconut powder, salt) and rub them together, adding a little bit of water until they become like....

... this

this is palm sugar (solid)

The ball is ready when it floats

Dessicated sugar and sprinkle of sugar

It is really yummy and can create a lot of mess.. :)

Tuesday, 8th August (18 Ramadhan), 1223

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