My Student Knocked Some Sense On Me!!

My mantra of the day..... (via facebook)

The lazier you are, the less work you'll be given... Ironic and stupid, but that is life here..

bcoz everybody wants the jobs done...they dnt expect someone lazy 2 finish the be lazy lh (Abang Syahmi Hazim via FaceBook)

Tuesday, 26th January 2010, 0726

Sport Practice... Another Day

We are still using our school field to train, (hence the loitering around pic), our turn to use the stadium is due next Monday...

Tomorrow... MaCS (Managing Challenging School) meeting and somehow, I didn't realise that I am having handball practice cum selection on the same day...

I am guessing I'll be the only one who will be wearing sport attire during meeting tomorrow..

Biasalah... Guru CehMaLang....

Friday, 23rd January 2010, 2107

What's Cooking?

Having sport practice EVERY SINGLE DAY makes me very tired and hardly have time to cook.. So... here comes Well to the rescue.. actually this is his second attempt...

Not bad lah....


The name of this concoction,

Telur berdarah....

P/S: Actually I want to align the baby corn between the two eggs before snapping a pic but Well strongly objects...

Wakaka!!! "Kanji amat!!"

Friday, 23rd January 2010, 2054

Sport Practice

Thursday, 21st January 2010, 0921

What Petroleum Jelly??

Every time sport season arrives, I always remember this particular incident.

In 2008 when I was the Head coach for Kapit division, I was looking for Vaseline Jelly to prevent chapping during the rigorous training and actual tournament..

Yup.. I am a very caring coach hehe..

From my experience, the track athletes will always suffer from chapping in their inner thighs, nipples (for boys), armpits etc etc because of the friction made from their repetitive movement. So I went to the local drugstore searching for the perfect ointment..

TraVeLLer: Ada jual Vaseline?

Amoi Kedai: Apa?

TraVeLLer: Vaseline.. Vaseline.

Amoi Kedai: Apa itu?

TraVeLLer: Itu petroluem jelly dalam bekas kecik itu.

Amoi Kedai: Petroleum jelly? Untuk apa itu?

TraVeLLer: Itu untuk sapu jangan bagi melecet macam minyak la.. takkan u tak tau.

Amoi Kedai: (cakap bahasa cina entah hapa ntah dengan toke kat kaunter belakang)

TraVeLLer: Ada ke? kalau brand lain pun ok.. Janji petroleum jelly.

Toke Kedai: (Yelling from the back) Ooo lu mau pelincir kondom ka? itu condom lubricant, kenapa tak cakap.... bagi licin punya... ada-ada.. Lu cakap petroleum jelly mana dia tau, salah-salah.. KY JELLY..

Everyone in the drugstore was looking at me and my shopping partner (another GUY coach!!)

TraVeLLer: (WTF!!!!!)

Friday, 15th Jan 2010, 0834

Sport Season is Coming

I am too face-burnt for the camera ;) -2008

Micheal Collin Robert, fondly known as MCR. Quit school to support his family.. only 13 year old at that time.. sigh..

photo finish of raw emotions -2008

March of Glory... -2008

The Kapit Contigent 2008 with me as the head coach... -2008 (I Heart this team)

Yay.. The sport season is just around the corner.. Can't wait to take out my spike shoes. Must be covered with dust right now.

The 4 x 100m event for the teachers will be the 'favourite' event for students to see their teachers strut their stuffs and show their talents (or lack of). haha!

My new mantra now...
Need to exercise.. need to exercise..

The event is on 7th to 9th Feb, so I still have lotsa time to get in shape.. (macam la pernah in shape sangat)..

Tomorrow I am going to do laps (or maybe just lap without s) around the pool. It has been a long time since my last visit there.. I think I still remember where the swimming pool is. Besides, I need to break into my new swimming goggles... with POWER!! (mind you, that is the exact word the salesgirl used to lure me into buying it)

Tomorrow then...

Tuesday, 12th January 2010, 2149

WTF?? What The Frog??

This is funny..

Monday, 11 Jan 2010, 2014

Fruit Season.. Horayy!!

The best part of being a teacher here in Kapit is when fruit season comes, I get endless supply of fruits either for free (thanks Chulat) or for a "teacher-discounted" price ;)

Sunday, 10th January 2010, 1718

Happy New Year!!!

Good bye 2009....
... Hello 2010...

Friday, 1st January 2010, 0108