I am too face-burnt for the camera ;) -2008

Micheal Collin Robert, fondly known as MCR. Quit school to support his family.. only 13 year old at that time.. sigh..

photo finish of raw emotions -2008

March of Glory... -2008

The Kapit Contigent 2008 with me as the head coach... -2008 (I Heart this team)

Yay.. The sport season is just around the corner.. Can't wait to take out my spike shoes. Must be covered with dust right now.

The 4 x 100m event for the teachers will be the 'favourite' event for students to see their teachers strut their stuffs and show their talents (or lack of). haha!

My new mantra now...
Need to exercise.. need to exercise..

The event is on 7th to 9th Feb, so I still have lotsa time to get in shape.. (macam la pernah in shape sangat)..

Tomorrow I am going to do laps (or maybe just lap without s) around the pool. It has been a long time since my last visit there.. I think I still remember where the swimming pool is. Besides, I need to break into my new swimming goggles... with POWER!! (mind you, that is the exact word the salesgirl used to lure me into buying it)

Tomorrow then...

Tuesday, 12th January 2010, 2149

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