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Saturday, 20th March 2010, 2015

Alice Makes Me Wanna Bake!!

Yesterday, I went through a key hole..... (I can't find any rabbit hole mind you)

...and arrived in Wonderland..

... with Tweedledee and Tweedledum tagging behind..

.. Nah.. it is just a set-up at Mid Valley.. Pretty impressive!!!

It has everything in details..

from the tea party setting...

... to the Mad Hatter's 10/6 hat.

.. but what grab my attention most.....

is this....

.. I seriously wanna have a bite... maybe I just have to make one just like that...

It will looks something like this..

only it will be bigger, rounder, in a form of a cheese cake and minus the chain... ;)

Yup.. Maybe I will bake one... just watch this space....

Saturday, 20th March 2010, 0046

Semenanjung is a Fun Place To Be.

Apekehalnya tajuk entri aku nih?

I'll try my best to share my whole week holiday experience in one entry.. but only the best part lah.

Matta Fair- dapat ice-cream Arab free setelah beratur panjang.. served by extremely gorgeous and ridiculously handsome Arabs.. (worth the waiting) hahaha

Times Square- looking for souvenirs..
  • spotted a Liverpool's alarm clock- very suitable for Well since he is not staying with me anymore (plus.. he did say he wanted to 'borrrow' my alarm clock but I give him the waddabout-me-then? look).
  • spotted a bunch of bottle umbrellas - bought three as requested by Sigem
  • a toss between handball boots or a pair of sneakers (for Well again)... and sneakers won... (coz he'll probably be wearing it everyday till it tore open infront as usual).
The clock, the umbry and the silly sneakers (is this 'in'? Coz I don't know the 'in' thing anymore...)

Mid Valley- Pickled mangoes for Well's sisters. Both the dry and wet ones (because I really need to ask)

Masjid India- Minyak Ibu Gamat Asli Langkawi; a remedy (hopefully) for Well's dad (not me.. I am talking about his real dad).

...and a bunch of stuff I would like to bring back to Kapit... Hmmm... the stuff keeps accumulating.. Camne nak pindah??

Friday, 19th March 2010, 2332

Aku BaliK Kampung Sebab Marah Kat Orang Gilak

Aku balik kampung dengan hati yang berbaur-baur.. rindu, gembira, bersalah, marah.. semua ada.

Aku balik kampung 'coz aku rindu sangat-sangat dekat mak aku.
Aku balik kampung dengan tiket yang terlalu OVERPRICE.
Aku balik kampung dengan hati yang berbuku dan berbulu.
Aku balik kampung tanpa bagitahu kawan-kawan aku...
Aku balik kampung tanpa bagitahu players handball aku...

Aku balik kampung menyebabkan latihan bola baling terbengkalai... Aku still ada rasa kesian dengan players aku...

Dahla tahun ni kitorang jadi tuan rumah.. so kitorang sepatutnya ada advantage 'coz bermain depan penyokong sendiri, tapi macam mana nak menang kalau tak pernah berlatih?? getus seseorang..

Tetapi at the same time.. Orang Gilak telah menyebabkan aku terasa bosan, hambar dan tawar hati untuk berkhidmat di Kapit...

I can't be my own judge so I can't gauge my own sincere-ness but.... in my own opinion.. selama ini aku begitu seronok dengan apa yang aku buat... dan bila kita seronok.. semuanya ok.

Sekarang keseronokan itu telah di ambil oleh orang gilak...

Kenapakah dia dilabel sebegitu rupa?? Maybe I will list them down later.....

Aku dah bertekad untuk pindah bulan Jun ni tetapi atas sebab aku risaukan (risau is a very light word) Well yang sekarang ni ada family prob, aku cuba bertahan sampai hujung tahun ni.

I pray that I won't slack off and remain professional throughout the remaining months of my service here... this is, by the way.. IS the career I've chosen and had grown to love...


P/S: Aku BaliK Kampung Sebab Marah Kat Orang Gilak.... tapi budak-budak yang jadi mangsa... sigh!

Monday,15th March 2010, 2230

Volley Ball

On the 3rd til 5th March 2010, The Department of Technic and Vocational held Volley Ball tourney for us...

Didn't show up on the first day (tertido boss.. sorry).. but having fun on the 2nd and final day. my team was not the best but for sure was not the worst either...

Kudos to Madam LYM a.k.a The MammaRazzi for taking the pics..

Friday, 12th March 2010, 233o



What will you do when you are totally BENGANG with someone....?

a) never returns any call or sms and block his number.

b) remove him for your Facebook connection.

c) talk to him only when necessary but avoid any eye contact.

d) avoid him like a plague.

e) befriend his well-known enemy.

d) all of the above

YES... 'it' is a him... Lelaki pun pandai bengang ngan lelaki tau... The macho attitude is just a mask we put up front... Grr!!

Wednesday, 10th March 2010, 2213

It is a Fcuking Elephant For Crying Out Loud!!

What the frog is happening to Malaysia Censorship Board??

Siang tadi aku "terkenyit" sampai nak jatuh dari sofa bila tengok penapisan yang melampau-lampau tapi tak kena tempat.

Naked men bleh tunjuk kat tv, naked women lagilah extra extra boleh...but a NAKED elephant is a big no-no.. hahaha.. what a joke.. bayangkanlah betapa tergezutnya aku tadi masa tengok Animal Planet @ Astro dokumentari "Echo & The Elephants of the Amboseli" bila setiap kali a bull elephant i.e. gajah jantan melintas skrin.. anunya di blurred kan...

Gimme a break... An elephant!!!

Sapalah agaknya yang board of censorship tu rasa akan teruja bila tengok elephant's penis??

Nah amik kau...

Teruja tak??

Monday, 1st March 2010, 2120