Apekehalnya tajuk entri aku nih?

I'll try my best to share my whole week holiday experience in one entry.. but only the best part lah.

Matta Fair- dapat ice-cream Arab free setelah beratur panjang.. served by extremely gorgeous and ridiculously handsome Arabs.. (worth the waiting) hahaha

Times Square- looking for souvenirs..
  • spotted a Liverpool's alarm clock- very suitable for Well since he is not staying with me anymore (plus.. he did say he wanted to 'borrrow' my alarm clock but I give him the waddabout-me-then? look).
  • spotted a bunch of bottle umbrellas - bought three as requested by Sigem
  • a toss between handball boots or a pair of sneakers (for Well again)... and sneakers won... (coz he'll probably be wearing it everyday till it tore open infront as usual).
The clock, the umbry and the silly sneakers (is this 'in'? Coz I don't know the 'in' thing anymore...)

Mid Valley- Pickled mangoes for Well's sisters. Both the dry and wet ones (because I really need to ask)

Masjid India- Minyak Ibu Gamat Asli Langkawi; a remedy (hopefully) for Well's dad (not me.. I am talking about his real dad).

...and a bunch of stuff I would like to bring back to Kapit... Hmmm... the stuff keeps accumulating.. Camne nak pindah??

Friday, 19th March 2010, 2332

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