I am in a dilemma now.
I can't decide whether I should bring this 2 tonne-dinosaur-era laptop with me during my trip or just leave it here in Kapit.

I should bring along the laptop because:
  • I need to search for maps, roads and direction heading to........ (still very clueless on where to go, more reasons to consider "pikul" the laptop with me) because Google maps is oh-so cool and accurate.
  • There is no TV in the hotel.. (it is Tune Hotel, the bestest no-frill hotel in the country) so I need something to watch if bore-DOOM kicks in.
  • I want to post the latest update, picture and stuffs about my trip. Even though nobody reads it. Hahaha!
  • Same like last time, the dialogue would be "Aiseh! If only i had my laptop now... "

I should just left the 'dinosour' here in Kapit because:
  • The will be lotsa free maps available (I hope) at the Tourist Centre located conveniently at the Famous Kuching Waterfront.
  • I've done wandering around without proper planning before (Penang trip) and still manage to see lotsa cool and interesting stuff.
  • The internet connection at the hotel is prepaid, their website stated RM12 per 24 hour but I still don't know whether it is calculated per usage (like mobile phone credit) or per day , because I know for sure I will not be staring at the screen 24-hour straight. If I do so, I will waste a lot of precious time to explore the city, but knowing me myself... The "kiasu" attitude in me might kick-in and he will squeeze every cent in that hard earned RM12 that I need to pay for the service. Hahaha!
  • The laptop is VERY HEAVY.. seriously!! (don't ask me to get a new one) and I don't want/like to lug it around with me all day. FYI, I never once left my laptop lying around even in a secure hotel room. (lotsa secret inside hehehe)
What do you think?

Tuesday, 13th Oct, 2152

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