Hero & I @ Sibu

Really appreciate this boy commitment lah (sometimes). On Friday, he went to my house at 0730 to wake me up coz janji nak siapkan padang yang tertangguh semalam. Regardless of what other people POV of him, I think the boy is true to his words lah. (sometimes). After having breakfast prepared by the Chef a.k.a Well. We started working at 0800 under the scorching sun till 1130.

Then after that, still sweaty,tired and smothered with white paint, he went straight to the wharf to catch the express to Sibu. (pity the lad who sat next to him.. hope his/her sensory organs aren't that sensitive haha)

Ada hal ngan family rupanya.. If I were him, sah-sah tak datang dah pagi tu. (dah lah 3 orang jer yang datang). Mana nak kejar bot lagi, dengan bau lagi.. hehe..

At 1500, aku plak turun Sibu, (coz nak pi Kuching the next day) met up with him and had dinner THREEgather... still wearing the SAME shirt he was wearing that morning.. Thank god takde bau.. hahaha.

Beli belah?? Nope... blah tanpa beli ;)

Makan-makan Tahun Baru Cina

Monday, 22nd Feb 2010, 2258

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