It has been a while since the last post here. I am now working back in my hometown... leaving Kapit behind.. but not forgetting all the memories I had during the bitter-sweet 5 years working there.

The feeling during my last day was just like what I imagine it would be. I cried.. but not like the time when we were kids; pulling all the awkward facial expression to show that we are indeed sad.... but just a silent cry.. It took me by surprise because didn't realise I am capable of doing it.

It is not only because I have to leave the tranquil place. It is because having to leave love ones. The truth is, I cried because I can't bear the thought that I might never see Well again. The boy who I treated like my own son and in return, treated me like I am his own father.

My very concerned was the fact that he was dyslexic. There is nothing wrong with him. He looks like everyone else. He can engaged in an intellectual conversation, play sport excellently and even had experience acting on stage. The only drawback is he can't read very well. Whilst short-spelled words are easy, long words seem so alien to him. Looking at the work prospects available in Kapit, I don't know what in store for him for his future, if he continue to stay there.. Sigh!

The goodbye hug we shared was like an indicator that we would probably won't be able to see each other again. Last words were exchanged (they were too personal to share here) and tears flows freely again.

It is good to know that I still have a soft spot in my heart. I haven't experience such feeling since my father passed away...

And now.. I am migrating to a new beginning..

Well Celltone Luang, maybe you thought that I give you shelter and protect you from harm..but in reality.. you are the one who give me more than you ever realised, and for that, I thank you.. until we meet again...

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