Saturday, October 11, 2141

What a *$%@+! day!!! It started just fine but ended in a very very sad mood. Lost my swimming goggles, my brand NEW swimming goggles, never been worn. I repeat….. NEVER. And I am really upset about it.

The Swimming 'Fool'

I bought it recently during hari raya holiday. Really love it & purposely brought it here to Kapit as part of my workout plan. What a better way to start a brand new health resolution than doing a few laps around the pool with a brand new goggles. I even got time to take a snapshot of it, but never got the chance to wear it, sad.

May you rest in peace

What really happened was, before I took the first plunge into the pool, I put the goggles beside the spillage drain of the pool (obviously, I didn’t see that the drain cover was missing..duh!).

Right after the plunge, the water ripple pushes the goggles away from the pool right into the opening of the spillage drain; you can see the ‘hole’ in the picture below. (Yes! Sure! Now everyone can see) and because of the fast moving current (and me panicking), I didn’t have enough time to rescue the goggles before it swept away right down the slabs into the unknown.

The hole is so obvious to me now

One might asked, why didn’t I wear the goggles before taking the plunge? Err, I don’t want it to get wet?? (read: lame). I don’t know.. stop asking.. show some emotion here…

Moral of the story? Hmm.. I don’t know, but since I always misplaced a lot of my valuables gadgets, maybe the Higher Being is telling me that I should take extra care of my belongings. But one thing that I am sure of, this particular incident will definitely make my new health resolution/goal much more difficult to achieve. (I am hoping to be 4-5 kg lighter by the end of October) How on earth am I going to do 10 laps without the aid of a pair of spanking new goggles? Maybe I should buy a bike instead. At least it is harder to lose and won’t be swept away by strong current.

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