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Words of caution: I am not bashing anybody here....

My dear brother celebrated his 39th birthday on 15th JULY.. and he made an interesting post/ discussion on his facebook.

Opinon pls. Would U work for Government with 1/3 of your current earnings???

Here are some of the interesting replies he got:

From my beloved sister, kak wiwi:

Definitely not as there is no way i can pay for my current commitment. Unless u got a lot of saving...then it's ok. Or...if u are actually nearing ur retirement and just wanna work to isi masa...
No way can manage with 1/3 salary la...unless..rumah free..api free...air free...sekolah anak free...lunch provided...then...ok...go for it !!!!

I am currently earning about 60% from my previous job...still sakit !!!

Sorry for kwn kwn in's just two different world...and mentality wise...puuhhh...their definition of bz is so kelakar...!!!!

From his friend, (known as Sheila AR)

i dont think u will survive even a day there.... Climbing up the ladder in gov isnt as quick as in private... And most important, r u willing to work wt 99% malays?

but then.. If tht is ur ambition, go ahead and gv ur 100%... Rezeki ada dimana2 yg penting usaha.. Good luck nel!

Then he answered:

My ambition is just for "Pension Entitlement" ha ha
Anyway .... the other path is to contest for "Wakil Rakyat" after age 55 lor....
After 1 penggal can get half pension, 2 penggal above , full pension ..
Undilah SAYA !! saya akan bagi tuan2 projek juta2 .. ha ha
jgn lupa DUN Kota Kemuning 2025 (kalau idup lagi ler...)

Yup.. I do thought (yes.. note the past tense) it was a very interesting discussion... after reading a few replies.. I decided to give him my "IMHO"

there s always two side of a coin... that is why the full question was "would u work for GOVERNMENT with 1/3 of your current earning" rather than "would you change job with 1/3 of your current earning" kan?

There is a saying that goes "you can't calld yourself a successful person until you are in love in what you are doing"
.... so IMHO regardless the pay... the crucial point is... are you happy with what you are doing now? ( I know i am..... that s y i m in this line.. but it isn't bout me kan kan?)

Money and future planning wise .. if you (my dearest bro and the whole family of yours) can ADAPT with the financial changes (with a few MAJOR tweaks) there s nothing wrong with it (1/3 salary) because in a long run you and ur spouse ( kak nina and future spouses hahaha jangan mara) will have a 'safety net' in case something bad ever happen to you (knock wood!) whilst in the other hand.. you can only depend on your rigorous saving (if any) and any nest you are currently weaving.

and added

. and also IMHO it is a cliche when we say that GSs have a different mental attitude than pvt etc.. because many of us by majority.. only see or interact with the front counter personals in any governmental industry (hence the probs: tutup kaunter cepat la, breakfast awal la etc-etc la) and that is where this perception arise and being established whereas the rest of us (be it a doctor, an educator, architect etc) (yang duduk jauh-jauh ke belakang nih) perform our job with the same level of dignity and difficulty of any personal in pvte sector.
..and what is wrong with working with a specific race? If you stay focus, goal oriented and willing to take risk (like in any other jobs), any job can be easily executed and performed..
Bottom doesn't matter who you are working with or who you are working for...(gov, pvt, malay, chnse etc) but WHAT are you working for??.. is it for FUTURE FINANCIAL SECURITY? SHORT TERM WEALTH? ENJOYABLE LIFE? STATUS QUO?


Each option comes with different planning and it is you to decide whether to take up the challenge ( after establishing every boons and drawbacks)... so good luck in deciding the future of my anak buahs... haha..


and added some sarcastic joke to liven up my replies...

ps: nak pi early lunch lah

There is a saying.. with age, comes experience...

A reply from Kak Wiwi (read: thanks):

A wise and well construct advise. Surprise it's coming from my youngest bro.(ha..ha...juz kidding)
Anyway...i salute u and i believe that you are the only one (or may among 10) dedicated public servant. A good , dedicated, honest and hardworking teacher who becomes a teacher for the love of the job. All rise and salute...!!!!

Yeah maybe for some people ...

My bro replied:

Ha ha ha

& qoute Sheila" And most important, r u willing to work wt 99% malays?"unqoute

Qoute "..and what is wrong with working with a specific race?"unqoute... Read More

Only those who have worked with MNC, or non Malay majority Co can apriciate this question.

For those yg straight away work with Gov or 99% Mal,... dificult to explain to lar ... too bad.
they will never ever understand the diferent in REALITY !
stakat 'assumed' je boleh la kot...

and my famous last words??

Oh... Sorry... my mistake..
I thought this was an intelligent discussion not some sort of gov or pvt bashing... my mistake... sorry again...

Hmmm.. happy belated birthday my dearest Brother....

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