Thursday, 30th July 09, 1604

It has been nearly a week since my birthday... 24th JULY 2009

Lambatnya buat post.. Why??

  • I was in Betong on that day (in a bus to be exact) from Betong heading back to Sibu, then Kapit.
  • I was waiting for the pics that are going to be posted here 'arrived' via bluetooth from my students' phone, but they couldn't bring theirs when school is in session (sigh!)
  • I was hooked on FaceBook.
  • PSKPP teams from all over Sarawak were here and I am incharge (burden) with their penempatan, whims and fancies.. busy, busy, busy..
  • I am just plain lazy... hehehe
They (the theater casts and crews) throw a mini celebration that nite exactly at 0000hour with careful planning (and lying..). Uncle Own (hotel OWNer.. yup his name is Own) came upstair after hearing the "commotion". Lucky for us, he s a sweet guy and didn't throw us all out... hehe..

Thanks guys..
thanks for the cake,
for the gifts,
for the company,
for the laughter,
for the craziness,
for the silliness,
for understanding and for everything....
You guys really brighten my day....

Hmmm... Dalam 4 tahun aku bertambah 'muda' kat Kapit ni, tiba time harijadi jer mesti aku kat tempat yang berlainan..

24 July 06- Sibu, Premier Hotel ~attending Kursus PSK
24 July 07- Kuching, Water Front ~Pertandingan Drama Bahasa Inggeris Peringkat Negeri
24 July 08- Kapit, bawah rumah... ~bebudak drama buat surprise party
24 July 09- Betong-Sibu, ~heading back 'home' lepas pertandingan Teater BI, but
manage to spent 1 more night in Sibu


24 July 2010- aku kat Semenanjung kah??? ;(

Kenapala aku berat hati sangat nak balik.
Compared with Semenanjung, there is hardly anything here, so why the sad feeling?
Why? Why? Why?

Am I hooked to this unique land?

What about things that used to be important to me??
Entertainment... cinema... late nite supper..... nite life..... fast food restaurant.... Megamalls..


Happy Belated 28th Birthday to me.....


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