Ini adalah hasil kompilasi blog-entri yang dibuat lepas beberapa hari aku menjadi jeruk kat rumah. skang aku kat foyer opis, breaking the suggested-7-Day-House-quarantine order. Skang dah okay sket. alhamdullilah... Posting aku pun bleh dilihat daripada serius giler (sebab takut), semi-serious (takut sket) kepada serious campur memain (dah sehat la tu)

(Suggested: cadangan saja (but better ikut kot?), didn't really made me signed the quarantine form yang membolehkan aku ditembak disaman)

Title:H1N1 - Chain Reaction

Tuesday, 11th August 2009, 1453

Last night, I had difficulty sleeping and was delusional. Diarrhoea and vomiting soon follows prompting me to go to Klinik Agas to have a check-up this morning. My body temperature rose to staggering 38.5 Degree Celcius

I told the Doctor the fact that a lot of boarders where I teach are down with flu and fever but haven’t been checked by any doctor. The Doctor didn’t look too concerned at that time so I thought the story ended there. I went home.

What follows next is a sign that care, concern and professionalism still exist in our community. 20 minutes later after reaching home, I received a phone call from work, asking me my whereabouts. 10 minutes later a team of doctor from the government hospital arrived at my house to do a more thorough check-up, advising me on the dos and don’ts.

(I also informed them that Well had been missing school since Friday because of fever, gave them his sister’s address and numbers and they made a promise to check on him later).

Apart from one free mask, I was also been served a 7-day-house-quarantine beginning last Monday (the first day the symptom develops) as a precaution to prevent further spread of the virus ailment.

Then at 1400, another team of doctor came to check on the boarders. As on 1900, 43 boarders (23 girls and 20 boys) were being quarantine, all with the symptoms.

At 1600 many colleagues, friends and students already knew about my case (bad news spread very very fast in this small community). A lot of phone calls and sms-es received, wishing me to get well and recover fast. One of my colleague coyly asked whether he can take my workstation (very funny).

At 1800, the doctor came again and took sample of my phlegm. My body temperature has dropped to 37.2 Degree but still considered as high.

I hope I didn’t have the deadly virus; hopefully it is just a normal flu. The most important thing is, whether the doctor came to prevent further spread of the potentially deadly virus or to save my live, I am glad that my visit to the clinic had created a chain reaction and prompted the authority to come and checked the situation in my school before the situation worsen.

As I am typing this, TV3 had just made an announcement that the death toll had rose to 44 (in Malaysia) due to AH1N1 pandemic. I really hoper none of us will be part of the statistic. Amin.

epidemic: the appearance of a particular disease in a large number of people at the same time.


pandemic: (of a disease) existing in almost all of an area or in almost all of a group of people, animals or plants

P/S: I am a teacher, it s in my blood to educate hehe..

Title: Quarantine, kuarantin Argh!!

Wednesday, 12th august 2009, 1615

Today is my 3rd-day of quarantine. The fever has dropped but still feeling a little fatigue and bored. There is no internet connection (read: no life) at home, and no newspaper.

I can't really recall when was the last time I really take my medicine as religiously as now. If the prescription says 4 times, not only will I take it FOUR times, I even do a little calculation so that the time intervals will be perfect. (my Mom will be really proud of me). If I took one at 0830, another will be at 1430, then at 2030 and I even set my alarm to go off at 0230!!. It shows how scared I am of the virus. Hope tomorrow will be getting a lot better. Amin

Title: Escape Plan

Thursday, 13th August 2009, 2330

Feels a lot better. (you can see the way of my writing has also change from serious to semi-serious). Break my suggested quarantine order!!! Really have to. There is hardly nothing to eat in the house and I really need some fresh air.

Besides, I need to see Well. Somehow, rasa rindu la pulak.. (Nope! not a gay-ey mush-ey b-romance-y kind of rindu but more like fatherly@brotherly rindu). Call his sister whether he is feeling umh.. well (no pun intended). Asked whether I can bring him out for a walk (more like shopping). Turns out he IS NOT feeling 100 percent well YET (Argh!! but what to do? takkan nak suh masuk rumah balik?)

Well yang senget

It has been 4 days he is missing school, but told him there is nothing to worry since lotsa students also didn't attend classes. (an advice from a certified teacher.. wahlawai). Went to HomeMart, (and aku rasa cam semua orang tengok aku semacam, as if ada tulis "an escapee" kat dahi) bought some kuehs (in Iban's language.. everything edible is called Kueh and everything canned is called Sardin!! Go figure) for him and I. We talk about stuff we've been missing (hahaha syahdunya and its only been 6 days!!). Pastu tanya aku samada we can watch a badminton tournament on a big screen inside nearby chinese kopitiam (Datuk Chong Wei lawan sapa tah). As hard as it is to me (aku pernah janji nak tengok bola ngan dia kat kedai tu.. lama dah, sejak kedai tu baru bukak lagi) I had to say no (because I am actually still under suggested quarantine and he is also notin the pink of health).

Hantar dia balik. Then he asked me a question that I can't really answer..

Bila cikgu nak amik saya?

Soon... (sedey, sedey)

Title: Fever, The Return!!

Friday, 14th August 2009, 1940

Wahlawei!! What The Frog Man!! My temperature was up again (read; padan muka, sapa suh kuar malam tadi??) this morning.

Really need to do something fast. I clad myself with 3 layer of clothing, adding a sweater and the blankie (a present from my dearest fiance). Drank Milo panas and try to jog in one place to sweat it out. Boleh tak boleh, jalan tak jalan, miraculously my temperature plummetted back to 37 degree C (alhamdulillah)..

Hmmm.. bila la nak insaf.... You see, Aku buat nazar, kalau temperature turun and tak selsema atau pening, I will go to sembahyang Jumaat... (macam lah sembahyang Jumaat ni sunat, bleh pilih-pilih) Sebenarnya dalam hati mula-mula ada rasa macam tak nak pergi solat Jumaat (but I will still perform my Zuhur prayer, mind you) sebab alasan kuarantin. Memang jahat aku nih.

So pergi semayang tadi selalunya anak buah Kak ju tumpang, tapi tadi takde plak.. Takut la tu..

Turns out he went with someone else, as instructed by his makcik, (and aku pun paham jugak, tak kecit ati pun)..

Hmmm... Hopefully everything will be fine.. Amin.

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