City Of Kuching (Cats) Famous Monument

Suddenly I feel like going to Kuching for a short vacation... Hmm.. October seems open for me.

First of all, I need a plan..

I need a budget.. around RM5oo maybe? (2 pax). I will be towing Well along of course.

Accomadation wise, Liwah Hotel seems nice (read: affordable) and is situated in strategic location.

Mode of transport?

The best thing about going to Kuching is that I can choose whether I want to travel by:

air (..Asia), which will take approximately 45 minutes (but it is the most EXPENSIVE way to travel)

land, 6 to 7 hours gruelling RM45 journey which I can't stand (need to pee often hehe)..

... or sea, also will set me back for RM45, which will take about 4-5 hours depending on the weather condition. But the pessengers can walk around the boat (plus... they have toilet)

Anybody wanna join my trip?

Monday, 31st August 2009, (10 Ramadhan) 2123

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