Thursday, 6th August 2009, 1325

(the original title was only Every Man For Himself.. but due to the current situation, I think the above title will drives more readers.. hahahaahahaha.. what the frog!!)

"What Should We Do When The Situation Becomes Critical? A.H1N1"

That was the title of the talk I -and the rest of my collegues- had to attend a few minutes ago.

Pretty scary as before this I only heard bout it in the news, someplace faraway from here but today during the talk, the speaker (from Kementerian Kesihatan) said that there were already a few (70 to be exact) suspected cases in Song; a mere 1 hour boat ride from Kapit.

Song's Wharf

That is close enough for me!!!

Hence, the purpose of the Talk today... so that everybody will not become panicky. I guess they want to get everything straight (information and prevention wise). Their (70 unlucky people) result are still pending though. Hopefully it was just another harmless flu.. not the pig-crossed-bird-crossed-human kinda flu.

After the Talk, we were allowed to go back..


What am I doing here in front of my laptop you may asked??


I am trying to save my @$$...

My life to be exact..

Pretending to be busy.. busy.. busy...

You see a teacher want me to give her a ride home.. which I usually oblige (her house is near mine) but not today..

Today I am pretending to be submerged in lotsa lotsa works... so she has to "hitch-hike" with someone else...

---She has a fever, a runny nose, sore throat and pounding headache...---

Of course I won't tell (or scream to) her to "Bugg Off!! You re having all the H1N1 symptoms!!!

So maybe I AM a little paranoid.. but it is MY life.... and I still want to enjoy every minute of it ;)

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