Monday, November 17, 2310

It has only been 5 days since I start to drive in the busy KL road again but lotsa things had happened to remind me how good it was to drive in a not so busy road in Kapit (gosh I miss my Myvi a lot). I think I made less swearing back there compared to 5 days driving here. Most of my vulgar ‘bad words’ nowadays are in Iban language so it is ok if I get some sensitive person (read: mum and sis) riding shotgun. Hehe. Read down there and find out whether you are guilty too.

·         Happily cruising down the middle lane of a motorway with either indicator flashing, but going nowhere.

·         Happily cruising down the middle lane of a motorway even when the road is almost entirely empty.

·         Picking your nose and believing that no-one can see you. (it is tinted)

·         Not realizing that there is any other setting for your lights than high beam.

·         Indicating to move into a lane that you're already half way in.

·         Falling asleep at the wheel, just in time for the lights to turn green.

·         Sounding your horn one nanosecond after the lights change to green if the car in front hasn't sped off.

·         Sending sprays of wiper wash right over the top of your car and washing the one behind.

·         Overtaking then pulling in front and slowing down. (I do it sometimes just for a revenge.. ehehe)

·         Sharing whatever is on your car stereo with anyone within a mile radius. (guilty)

Hmm.. Actually it says quite a lot about me.. ehehe.. cheerios

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