Friday, November 28th, 1932

There are a lot of nothingness to do and places to visit with the free time. 

It has been 3 weeks and there are plenty of weeks to go (I don’t really count them, make me anxious). Working in a such isolated place without good entertainment and quality fast-food (can’t believed those two words are connected) makes ones eager to go back to the concrete jungle i.e. KL.

Here, one thing for sure school breaks also synonym with weddings. Yup the dreaded weddings especially if the reception is for your best friend or worse, relatives, the worst? NOSEY relatives.  Then there's the golden question of The Partner.

You see, I am the straight to the point person.

I prefer the no beating around the bush approach.

Most people would go be uneasy and get embarrassed and the standard answer would be 
"Nope lah, don't have yet."

A relative (very distant mind you) had asked in a teasing manner, 
"So, Eff, got partner already? You are 27 now right?"

I would deadpan, 
"Yup and yup."

She  then asked this in an extra teasing manner, 
"When is your turn?"

"33 years old (I just blurt out any random two digits number)." 
Straight to the point, that's my style.

Then she started to take me a little more seriously, 
"Oh I see, I see. Six years more (emphasizing the word) ONLY,"

"Yup, A lot of time to build up that nest,”
 I added.

And there you have it, problem solved.

No more annoying girlfriend questions with a non-hesitant manner of answering.

But, the game wasn’t over yet, 

"So when can we meet her?"

I have not mastered that as I have yet to warm up to the idea of relatives and girlfriend, being in one place, at the same time.

Many I-look-at-you-you-look-at-me moments of silence.

Too awkward for my liking. 

Some of the more fun loving friends (and relatives!!) have even gone so far as to ask,

"So, done it already?" 

"I'm not sure if that one counted" (ahahaha) 
and then trail off mysteriously (before I change my mind and
strangled her) 

I really wanted to ask them the same question

“So, when is your turn?"

……….. during a funeral

Cruel... Cherios.

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