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U13 getting ready for 100m hurdles

The Sarawak Athletes Meet was held in Sarikei from 4th - 6th Nov 2008. The athletes are from the U13, U11 and U10 categories. Meaning? The team and I was handling mostly junior or primary school children. The training was tough (on me) because this is the first time I am involved with lower age group. The training and drill has to be mould with small children in mind (as if i know what that means). For the first few days, I was really at loss of what to do. Surely they do not respond well to drill and all the technical stuff that I used to implement on higher age group.

The 4x200 girls (minus 1)

Much to my amusement, when asked about their event, rather than getting the usual response such as long jump, 4x100 or hurdles, I got melompat (jumping), lari (running) or baling (throwing). Training them is really a challenge for me.
Timeout @ the pool

As a result, I just let them do whatever they usually do (mind you that they were handpicked by me and the rest based on their performance during divisional meet last February, meaning that they already have some experience), correcting them on the spot and just letting them have fun.
Ready to make their longest jump

2 weeks with them making me realized that sport is all about fun and laughter, seeing from the eyes of the future generation. Oh ya, we managed to get 3 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals. Not much compared to other division that is really an athletes powerhouse such as Sibu and Miri. But for me, I got a bunch of new children and a precious gift called experience.

happy faces

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